Stains & Paints

Samples of Stains & Paints (hover to see names of stain/paint)

Below are samples of some of our Stains & Paints applied to various wood varieties. The samples may not be the only that we’ve got in stock or the ones allowed for a particular piece. Please look carefully at the description of your product to see a full list of the stains and/or paints allowed for that piece. If you don’t see something you need, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to get it for you!

Brown Maple


Cherry Wood


Elm Wood






Quarter Sawn White Oak




Paint Colors




Aged Colors


Understanding Stains & Paints

With over 20 different Amish Furniture manufacturers, dozens of wood varieties, stains, varnish finishes and paints available, the possible combinations are almost limitless as to what you can order. Since every piece of wood is also unique, even selecting the same exact wood, stain and varnish for multiple pieces, each piece will have its own unique characteristics and beauty. You’ve probably been to someone’s house and seen a brown table with black chairs? Well, sometimes even combining different finishes and colors can enhance the beauty of your set. You can check out this Artisan chair and see an example piece that has two different colors of stains on a single piece of furniture. Get creative, get beautiful!

As a side note, all of the Stains & Paints sample images above are of a very small piece of wood that has been treated with a particular stain, paint and/or varnish. Because of the uniqueness of each piece of wood, each piece of your furniture may turn out a little different than the sample image, although with all of the different grains and multiple pieces of wood used to build your furniture, your’s will be sure to turn out much more beautiful.