Discounts on Amish Furniture

Current Discounts on Amish Furniture




Current Deals & Promotions

We are just as you, and we like saving money anywhere and looking for discounts on Amish Furniture when making purchases. We all know that Amish furniture is crafted of the highest quality, and you get what you pay for, but we all still want to feel like we got a good deal. That’s why here at Circle Y Amish Furniture, we periodically run deals and promotions. This may be a seasonal special, due to a corporate event, or just to help our customers out.

Over the last few months, our customers have been asking for a little help. Knowing that it helps to have an incentive to make a purchase, we’ve created this volume discount scale, so you can see your savings! For the next 30 days, we are offering the following on your purchases:

  • 10% on all purchases from $1000-$2499
  • 12.5% on all purchases from $2500 to $4999
  • 15% on all purchases $5000 and up

There are times when businesses will place a very large or repeat order where we may create a special bulk order discount available. Please give us a call if you’re looking for a bulk order discount for your Amish Furniture purchase.  We’ll be happy to hand build it for you and ship it to you anywhere in the continental United States.